MtF Gender Reassignment Surgery
Male to Female Surgery: Vaginoplasty using Rectosigmoid Colon

Vaginoplasty using the rectosigmoid colon provides a superior male to female change and costs more than the penile inversion procedure.

Stop MtF hormone therapy at least two weeks before gender change surgery

Male to female surgery using the rectosigmoid colon is MtF transsexual surgery suitable for:

  1. patients with less than average penis length, or
  2. those with a circumcised penis, or
  3. persons who want to be able to have sex with men who have a larger than average penis.

The surgery takes about 5-6 hours.

It costs about 20% more than vaginoplasty using penile skin inversion.

You can choose vaginal depth to match the penis size of your partner regardless of how long — even up to 9, 10 or 11 inches.

General anesthesia is always required.

photo: Sava Perovic SRS surgery MtF vaginoplasty

This surgery is performed through a combined trans-abdominal and trans-perineal approach.

The perineum portion of the body in the pelvis occupied by urogenital passages and the rectum.

This MtF SRS also requires careful disassembly of the penis to fully preserve all blood and lymph vessels and keep the sensitivity of all penile parts, particularly the glans.

You can expect your ability to have an orgasm before surgery to be the same after surgery although the method or technique of erotic stimulation will be different and like a natal woman.

All parts of the external female genitalia are created at the same time.

Similar to the penile inversion technique, the clitoris is created by reducing the glans.

Psychiatric approval for transsexual surgery is always required.

The new labia minora is made from the inner preputial (foreskin) layer and 3-4 cm of the outer layer.

The labia majora is created from a combination of penile and scrotal skin.

Unlike penile inversion, the MtF vagina is created from a part of the rectosimoid colon (bowel) which is isolated and moved into the previously created pelvic space.

The outer part of the neovagina is joined to the previously created labia minora and majora and the other end is closed.

The separated parts of the bowel at the donor site area are joined using an automatic stapling device.

Vaginas created this way have natural lubrication as well as excellent sensitivity.

Unlike some surgeons, Dr Djinovic does NOT use the scrotum to make the vagina during any vaginoplasty.

He does transgender orchidectomy (bilateral orchiectomy) at the time as the vaginoplasty.

Preoperative preparations and postoperative care for this male to female surgery are the same as for the penile inversion procedure. (It is recommended that you read that article also.)

More patients experience constriction or narrowing of the vaginal opening and passageway — about 10%.

The complication can usually be solved by dilations but sometimes additional minor surgery is needed to correct it.

A 20%, non-refundable down payment is required to schedule an appointment for any MtF procedure.

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